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Ted Cruz: Trump can't beat Hillary

If Donald J. Trump were to clinch the nomination, Ted Cruz says he believes the billionaire would "probably" lose to Hillary Clinton. http://cnn.it/1Rxin9x Cruz says Trump's past praise of Clinton, as well as his donation to the Clinton Foundation, would neutralize any GOP attacks against the former secretary of state.

Kasich predicts Trump will sweep Super Tuesday

John Kasich predicts Donald J. Trump will sweep all 12 of the Super Tuesday states this week — but the Ohio governor believes a strong showing in his home state next month will provide the boost he needs to capture the GOP nomination. http://cnn.it/1Rxe1zs

Trump: 'I know nothing about white supremacists'

Donald J. Trump wouldn't disavow David Duke's support for his presidential bid, saying he knows nothing about the white supremacist leader. http://cnn.it/1KUFJGY The Anti-Defamation League had called on Trump to repudiate the support of Duke, the former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, and other white supremacist groups.

Bernie Sanders Minnesota rally

"What Democracy is not about is a handful of billionaires buying elections," Bernie Sanders tells supporters in Minnesota, staying on message after Hillary Clinton won big in the South Carolina Democratic primary. cnn.it/SCPrimary

Hillary Clinton SC victory speech

"Despite what you hear, we don't need to make America great again, America has never stopped being great." Hillary Clinton takes a jab at Donald J. Trump in her South Carolina Democratic primary victory speech. cnn.it/SCPrimary

Professional mermaids work their tails off

It's The Little Mermaid, in real life. Here's what a meeting of professional mermaids (and mermen) looks like. http://cnn.it/1QDW0Cu

Vicente Fox: Donald Trump 'reminds me of Hitler'

After saying he won't "pay for that f***ing wall," former Mexican President Vicente Fox Quesada had some choice words about Donald J. Trump: "He reminds me of Hitler." http://cnn.it/1oNLGf7

Rubio mocks Trump at Dallas rally

After #GOPDebate, Marco Rubio reads Donald J. Trump's tweets, and jokes that maybe the mogul "wet" his pants. http://cnn.it/21y1EHT

Get caught up, quickly. 8 best picture nominees in 48 seconds. #Oscars http://cnn.it/1TcDgKM

Is the sixth time the charm for Leonardo DiCaprio?

Is it finally Leonardo DiCaprio's year at the #Oscars? http://cnn.it/1RiDxdW

Trump imitates Rubio

Donald J. Trump just imitated Marco Rubio drinking water while speaking at an event in Texas. http://cnn.it/1QiyLMh

Happy, healthy cities ranked

Here are the happiest, healthiest American cities, ranked. Did your town make the list? http://cnn.it/1QiglLm

Australian ship stuck in Antarctica refloated

Good news: This Australian ship that was stuck in Antarctica has been refloated, and the 68 aboard have been rescued. http://cnn.it/21xeTJ5

Plane slides on nose in scary landing

This pilot was forced to make an emergency landing, and totally nailed it.

How police respond in 'active shooter’ situations

"Active shooter" is one of the worst calls a police officer can get. This program trains police for real-life active shooter scenarios. http://cnn.it/1n1yuS4

CNN’s Houston GOP debate in 90 seconds

Miss last night's #GOPDebate? Catch up with this quick, 90-second recap. http://cnn.it/1WNHmHc

Origin of mysterious space light found

In 2015, scientists detected an FRB, basically an "explosion that happens in space." Now, for the first time ever, they've found its source. http://cnn.it/1QhVFDn

20 insults from the CNN debate in 1 minute

20 insults. 60 seconds. Starring Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Donald J. Trump. #GOPDebate. http://cnn.it/1LhhHG4

Trump to Cruz: Don't get nervous

Donald J. Trump taunts Ted Cruz: "You're the basket case... go ahead, don't get nervous. Go ahead." Live updates from #GOPDebate: http://cnn.it/1QhiFlW

The "fruit salad of their life"

Dr. Ben Carson says he will look at the "fruit salad of their life" when it comes to Supreme Court nominees. http://cnn.it/1QB7Fvz #GOPDebate

"Now he's repeating himself."

Marco Rubio and Donald J. Trump: "Now he's repeating himself." "No, I'm not..." Live updates from #GOPDebate: http://cnn.it/21vo50v

Trump on Planned Parenthood

"Millions and millions of women... are helped by Planned Parenthood... "but I would defund it because I'm pro-life." -- Donald J. Trump Live updates from #GOPDebate: http://cnn.it/1QheKpk

"Such a cute sound bite"

Donald J. Trump responds to Marco Rubio's attack on hiring illegal workers: "Such a cute sound bite." Rubio: "Go online and Google it: Donald Trump, Polish workers, you’ll see it." Live updates from #GOPDebate: http://cnn.it/1QhcXQU

"The wall just got ten feet taller."

"The wall just got ten feet taller." -- Donald J. Trump's response to the former president of Mexico saying "I'm not going to pay for that f***ing wall. He should pay for it." Live updates from #GOPDebate: http://cnn.it/21vkQpH

Trump to Cruz: You get along with nobody

Donald J. Trump slams Ted Cruz: "You get along with nobody." Live updates from the #GOPDebate: http://cnn.it/21vj6gl

We're in the #GOPDebate hall with Jake Tapper and S.E. Cupp just before it all begins. Leave your questions in the comments and tune into CNN at 8:30 p.m. ET to watch the final Republican debate before Super Tuesday.

Mexico's ex-president drops f-bomb on Trump's wall

Former Mexican president to Donald J. Trump: "I'm not going to pay for that f***ing wall. He should pay for it." http://cnn.it/1Q5rVs7

Close call with shark caught on camera

This swimmer seems to have stayed remarkably chill considering he nearly swam into a shark http://cnn.it/1QgAEJd

Black Lives Matter protesters confront Clinton

"I'm not a 'super predator,' Hillary Clinton": Black Lives Matter protesters confronted Clinton at a private fundraiser Wednesday night http://cnn.it/21uNabV

We're in the Spin Room with Chris Moody and Maeve Reston talking #GOPdebate. Ask your questions in the comments section. The debate kicks off at 8.30pm ET on CNN

See penguins walk on a treadmill

Researchers wanted to study how penguins waddle. So they put a few of them on treadmills. http://cnn.it/21uwOQp

Superblimp: "No roads, no problem"

It can deliver large 20-ton loads and travel hundreds of miles. And it might be a game changer for African mining http://cnn.it/1LI6ucn

Climate change might make flights longer

New research suggests that climate change might make flights longer and cost airlines more money. http://cnn.it/1S3ES89

CNN Republican Presidential Debate

Donald J. Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Dr. Ben Carson, who will come out on top tonight? #GOPDebate http://cnn.it/1p8gmaK

Leaving home to escape rising sea levels

Dan Kipnes is a "third generation Miami Beach" homeowner, but he's packing up and moving before his home floods from rising sea levels. Globally, sea levels rose faster last century than in any century in the previous 2,700 years. http://cnn.it/1R41II4

CNN Money Investigates: #PsychicScam

One French psychic. Millions of victims. CNNMoney is determined to find her: http://cnn.it/1QfWwVc #PsychicScam

Donald Trump responds to Mitt Romney on taxes

"My returns are extremely complex and I'll make a determination at the right time," Donald J. Trump said of Mitt Romney's request for a release of his tax returns. He said this determination could be made in the next "couple of months." http://cnn.it/1KMw0T8

Meet Google's newest robot: Atlas

The new version of the humanoid Atlas robot is smaller and more nimble than its predecessor. http://cnn.it/1VFNsco via CNNMoney

We're live with Chris Cuomo and Brianna Keilar at Politics On Tap one night before the big #GOPDebate. Let's talk politics! What questions do you have?

Donald Trump on his chances for GOP nomination

Does Donald J. Trump see the nomination race ending sooner than expected? "I don't see it going to the convention," Trump said in an interview with Anderson Cooper on Anderson Cooper 360. http://cnn.it/1VFCvHI

Actor speaks out about his porn addiction

Actor Terry Crews is opening up about his addiction to pornography, which he says "really, really messed up my life." http://cnn.it/1mY6BKq

Stunning new image of our galaxy

Whoa. Astronomers just released a stunning new map of the Milky Way that shows where stars are born http://cnn.it/1oHQUZK

Astronauts monkey around in space

Is that a gorilla on the International Space Station? Watch NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly float through the ISS in a gorilla suit. http://cnn.it/1KKV0tN

Professional mermaids work their tails off

It's The Little Mermaid, in real life. Here's what a meeting of professional mermaids (and mermen) looks like. http://cnn.it/1QDW0Cu

A rapper's relatable ode to paying off student loans

"I finished paying Sallie Mae back!" Rapper Dee-1 paid off his student loans after getting a recording contract advance. And now, his celebratory song about becoming debt-free has taken off, with fans relating to his uphill battle. http://cnn.it/21qpNQP

The Democratic town hall in 90 seconds

Did you miss the #DemTownHall with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders? We've got you covered ... in 90 seconds. More highlights: http://cnn.it/1R0oOzj

"I really don't know," said Hillary Clinton when asked why there's a generational gap among those supporting her vs. Bernie Sanders: http://cnn.it/1QCN2oZ #DemTownHall

Trump: 'I love the poorly educated'

"We won with highly educated, we won with poorly educated -- I love the poorly educated," Donald J. Trump said during his #NVCaucus victory speech. And, "We're No. 1 with Hispanics!" http://cnn.it/1oGjGdd

Trump wins Nevada, CNN projects

BREAKING: CNN projects Donald J. Trump has won the #NVCaucus. http://cnn.it/1p2Ucqu

Bernie Sanders on spirituality: When you hurt, I hurt

Bernie Sanders said his beliefs go back to a time he was a "22-year-old kid getting arrested in Chicago, fighting segregation," as he discussed spirituality during the #DemTownHall. "When you hurt, when your children hurt, I hurt." http://cnn.it/1Rm25Af

Hillary Clinton on Beyonce performance controversy

During the #DemTownHall, Hillary Clinton weighed in on some police urging a Beyoncé boycott after her recent Super Bowl 50 halftime performance, saying work needs to be done "so that force is a last resort -- not a first choice." http://cnn.it/24ogoLX

Trump: Cruz is 'like a little baby'

Donald J. Trump said Ted Cruz is "like a little baby" during a rally ahead of the #NVGOPCaucus, calling Cruz "soft" and "weak." http://cnn.it/24oeMSm

Bernie Sanders on 'birther' controversy

Bernie Sanders spoke strongly about the "birther" controversy over President Obama during the #DemTownHall, accusing Donald J. Trump and others of a "racist effort to try to delegitimize the president of the United States." http://cnn.it/24ocRxb

Ben Carson: Obama was 'raised white'

"I, once again, crossed the PC barrier." Dr. Ben Carson defends his comments that Barack Obama was "raised white." http://cnn.it/24nJD1i

British zoo welcomes baby gorilla

This professor has delivered hundreds of babies by Caesarian section. But earlier this month, he was faced with a rather rare case. http://cnn.it/1Q9IDUV

Cricket spaghetti sold in France

This artisanal pasta-maker is making spaghetti with a very special ingredient... http://cnn.it/1KHG3Zq

Trump says he'd like to punch protester in the face

"I'd like to punch him in the face": Donald J. Trump had harsh words for a protester at one of his rallies. http://cnn.it/24nmBHO

When brown tap water is legal and safe

In St. Joseph, Louisiana, tap water sometimes comes out brown or yellow. But the state says the water is still safe to drink Would you drink this? http://cnn.it/1QvzyF6

Buying a Trump? Better read the fine print

Donald J. Trump owns some properties, and others are licensed to use his name. In 2013, he tried to explain the difference to a judge as he was deposed on his role in a Fort Lauderdale project.

Driving Radio Flyer's 'Baby Tesla Model S'

Here's one way to get a Tesla for $500. Tesla Motors and Radio Flyer have teamed up to create a "baby" Model S that runs on a lithium ion battery. http://cnn.it/1Qd6ruL via CNNMoney

Former Miss America contestant dies after car wreck

Her car slid off an icy road, and her life was cut short. Former Miss New Jersey, Cara McCollum, passed away one week after suffering head trauma in a single-car accident. http://cnn.it/1Qd09ex

John Kasich on 'kitchens' remark

"I'm more than happy to say I'm sorry." John Kasich apologized for his remark about women who "left their kitchens" to support him. http://cnn.it/1QcYFRx

Student responds to Kasich's 'women in kitchen' comment

John Kasich: Many women "left their kitchens" to back me. Here's how one woman responded: http://cnn.it/1VzHEkA

Taylor Swift gives $250,000 to Kesha

Taylor Swift has put her money behind Kesha, donating $250,000 to the singer during "trying time." http://cnn.it/1Vzvk3S

Trump in Game of Thrones Mashup

"We need to build a wall." Donald J. Trump "appears" in Game of Thrones mashup. http://cnn.it/1Vzlv5V

'Outer-space type music' from far side of the moon

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration releases new audio from the Apollo 10 mission that reveals these eerie sounds from the dark side of the moon, listen: http://cnn.it/1UhTQbe

106-year-old dances with joy at meeting the Obamas

"I thought I would never live to get in the White House." Virginia McLaurin waited all her life to see an African-American president. So when the 106-year-old finally got to meet President Obama, she couldn't hold her excitement. http://cnn.it/21kDPmM

What to eat at the new Harry Potter theme park

ALL THE MAGICAL NOMS! Here's what to eat (and geek out about) at the new Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios Hollywood: http://cnn.it/1VyV1Sf

This HUGE Diamond Discovered

Whoa. This massive 404 carat diamond was discovered in Angola. But it's not the largest ever... http://cnn.it/1RcTkZk

Zoo welcomes adorable baby rhino

The Toronto Zoo welcomes this adorable baby Indian rhinoceros, the first to be born to the zoo since 1999. There are only an estimated 3,555 Indian rhinos or one-horned rhinos left in the wild. Asha's healthy birth gives hope for future conservation breeding efforts: http://cnn.it/1LBaZFy

Sanders brushes off Nevada loss

Bernie Sanders brushes off his Nevada loss to Hillary Clinton, saying that just a few months his campaign was still considered a "fringe campaign" that would never have come within striking distance there. http://cnn.it/1QSKlK4

Rubio says he can 'unify' the GOP

Marco Rubio says the race has a "different dynamic now," with three real contenders — Donald J. Trump, Ted Cruz and himself. http://cnn.it/216Qn4F

Cruz: I'm the only one who has beaten Trump

"It is now apparent that the only campaign that can beat Donald Trump and that has beaten Donald Trump is our campaign," Ted Cruz says on CNN State of the Union. http://cnn.it/216NTTJ

Clinton on trustworthiness: 'I understand voters have questions'

"I understand that voters have questions — I'm going to do my very best to answer those questions. I think there's an underlying question that maybe is really in the back of people's minds and that is, 'Is she in it for us or is she in it for herself?'" Hillary Clinton says on CNN State of the Union. http://cnn.it/1QSyonE

Trump predicts he'll face Clinton, break turnout records

Donald J. Trump's general election prediction: He'll face Hillary Clinton, and the two will bring out "the greatest turnout in history." http://cnn.it/216JRLe

This woman is how Hillary Clinton won Nevada

This woman is how Hillary Clinton won Nevada #NVCaucus http://cnn.it/1SIKF4b

Melania Trump speaks at Donald Trump SC victory speech

"He loves you, we love you, and we're going ahead to Nevada ... He will be the best president!" Melania Trump says at husband Donald J. Trump's victory speech in South Carolina. http://cnn.it/20Mz9nL

"This is a special state. These are special people," Donald J. Trump says at his South Carolina Primary victory speech. http://cnn.it/1oT2wc4

CNN coverage of the Nevada Democratic caucuses in 90 seconds

Get caught up on CNN's comprehensive coverage of the #NVCaucus in a snappy 90 seconds http://cnn.it/1L1Pe79

Bernie Sanders speaking to supporters in Nevada

Bernie Sanders makes a bold prediction, telling supporters in Nevada, "When Democrats assemble in Philadelphia in July at that convention, we are going to see the results of one of the great political upsets in the history of the United States." #NVCaucus http://cnn.it/1oT2wc4

Hillary Clinton giving victory speech in Nevada

"Wall Street can never be allowed to threaten Main Street again, no bank can be too big to fail, no executive too powerful to jail," says Hillary Clinton during Nevada victory speech. http://cnn.it/1oBJNlq

Giant panda takes tumble in snow

This panda rolling in the snow is having the time of his life ❄ http://cnn.it/1Omm9Oz

Will Ferrell Stumps for Hillary Clinton

Is Will Ferrell done with Bernie Sanders? He's shown stumping for Hillary Clinton in new video: http://cnn.it/21gv7pP

Mesmerizing 'ice stacking' on Lake Superior

If you listen very closely, you can hear the shards of glassy ice hitting the water. It's mesmerizing. A phenomenon known as "ice stacking," which occurres on Lake Superior when high winds force sheets of ice onto the shoreline: http://cnn.it/1oAJSG1

Watch a polar bear cub's first time playing in snow

It never gets old. Watch this three-month-old polar bear cub see snow for the first time. http://cnn.it/1Lrm7VE

The loneliest road in America

Travel along the 'loneliest road in America.' Where is it and why does it matter so much for Hillary Clinton? http://cnn.it/1RcPjUM

Muslim in America

Muslims make up just 1% of U.S. residents. Where do they live, how much do they make and what are their hopes for life in America? http://cnn.it/1Kv48md #MuslinInAmerica

Donald J. Trump, "You know, you wouldn't believe it, I get a lot of publicity, I don't necessarily like it." http://cnn.it/1QnTMXG #GOPTownHall

Trump reacts to the Pope's comments

Donald J. Trump called Pope Francis a "wonderful guy" after the pontiff said Thursday that the GOP presidential front-runner is "not Christian" if he wants to deport undocumented immigrants and build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Trump also believes the Pope may have been mislead by Mexico: http://cnn.it/1QMXkNm #GOPTownHall

Jeb Bush on his gun photo

Jeb Bush explains why he tweeted a photo of his gun. http://cnn.it/211VLGa #GOPTownHall

John Kasich at CNN town hall: I'm "pro-Pope"

John Kasich refused to be drawn into the war of words between Donald J. Trump and Pope Francis during CNN's #GOPTownHall. His simple reply when asked to weigh in, "I'm pro- Pope." http://cnn.it/1Lwh9ac

Adele's wild Jamba Juice prank

If you watch one thing today, make it this. Adele pranks Jamba Juice with Ellen DeGeneres: http://cnn.it/1XAJrr5

Emotional John Kasich gives man facing hardships a hug

"I was in a really dark place for a long time... but I found hope, and I found it in the Lord, and my friends." An emotional John Kasich gave this young supporter a hug after he shared a deeply personal story. http://cnn.it/1SV7QbH

Outrage over dolphin's beach death

A rare dolphin died after beach-goers took it out of the water and took photos of the animal http://cnn.it/1KYfmQa

Trump Responds to Pope Francis

Donald J. Trump responds to Pope Francis' comments: "If and when the Vatican is attacked by ISIS... I can promise you that the Pope would have only wished and prayed that Donald Trump would have been president." http://cnn.it/20GJLUZ

Carson, Rubio, Cruz town hall in 90 seconds

A recap of last night's GOP Town Hall. In 90 seconds. http://cnn.it/1Q3hBC4

Cruz on singing to his wife

Does Ted Cruz sing to his wife? "Embarrassingly enough, yes. And I am a painfully horrible singer." Listen for yourself. Best quotes from #GOPTownHall: http://cnn.it/1oLA2B1

Cruz on women in the military

Ted Cruz on drafting women into the military: "I don't think the military should be governed by political correctness, should be used for social experiments." Live updates from #GOPTownHall: http://cnn.it/1oLsrSZ

Rubio on Electronic Dance Music

Marco Rubio likes EDM? Has he ever been to a rave? "No, no I've never been to a rave... [it's] the Republican Primary, Anderson." Live updates from #GOPDebate: http://cnn.it/1oLp3Yi

Carson on Second Amendment

Dr. Ben Carson: "We've had guns for hundreds of years, and we've been free for hundreds of years. I think there may be a correlation there." Live updates from the #GOPTownHall: http://cnn.it/1oLkAEW