Transaction Partner: Paypro

Paypro manages all the transactions, verification, invoicing, product delivery etc making our job easier. If you're in the similar business you can give them a try. Facing trouble making a transaction? Know any better solution? let us know.

Hosting Partner: DigitalOcean

Right now probably the cheapest VPS solution available. We recently moved our sites from Hostgator to DigitalOcean and now experiencing much better performance (pages loading under 2 sec). Let us know if you experience slower page load or downtime.

Impressed by the performance/speed of our site? Frustrated with your existing hosting but not sure about migrating to an unmanaged VPS (like DigitalOcean or Linode) because of the hassle of initial setup? Let us do that for you! Just create the droplet/VPS instance and send us the IP and root access. We'll set it up for your Joomla or Wordpress site and optimize it for better performance. You'll notice the performance difference for sure! Say good bye to your awful shared hosting and make the jump to VPS/Cloud.