Srizon Facebook Album

About this product:

This wordpress plugin fetches the facebook albums or the whole galleries from your Facebook Fanpage/Fanpages and display them on your site as albums and galleries. You can add as many albums and galleires as you want. It will generate the shortcodes automatically which you can copy/paste into your post or page.

System Requirements

  • Wordpress installation with JavaScript error free frontend
  • PHP 5
  • php5-curl library installed or enabled or allow_url_fopen turned on in php.ini file

Feature Table


Free Version

Pro version

Fully Responsive Yes Yes
Number of Layouts 1 1
Lightbox Yes (1 responsive lightbox is pre-built you can add your own) Yes (1 responsive lightbox is pre-built you can add your own)
Auto Syncing Yes Yes
Auto Syncing Interval Adjustable (default: 10H) Adjustable (default: 10H)
Manual syncing (for immediate syncing) Yes Yes
Can use on Unlimited Sites Yes Yes
Can use for Unlimited period Yes Yes
Free Update Product Lifetime Product Lifetime
Free Support Via WP Plugins Forum For the first website
Supported Album Sources Only Unrestricted Public Pages (also called fanpage) Only Unrestricted Public Pages (also called fanpage)
Unsupported Sources Personal Profile and groups Personal Profile and groups
Sorting Album Covers Yes Yes
Sorting Images Yes Yes
Images Caption No Yes (description is shown as caption)
Exclude some albums from gallery (for example timeline photos) No Yes (you can also just show some of the albums and exclude all others)
Max Images per album 25 Up to 8000 tested (larger albums require more server memory and inbound net speed)

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