JUserTube - Documentation

First Go through this doc for any clarification or issue. If this doesn't help then contact us.

Installation/Setup Related

Installation (Joomla 2.5.x and 3.x)
  1. Login to admin area.
  2. Go to -> Extensions -> Extension Manager.
  3. Under 'Upload Package File' Point the downloaded package and click Upload & Install.
  4. After installation setup a Module or Menu Item.
  5. If you're upgrading from an older version to version 7.1, you'll also have to remove 'JUserTube resource loader' plugin
  6. If you see any javascript error after installing this, That's probably a jQuery problem which can easily be solved by jQuery Easy plugin or 'SrizonModifier' plugin (provided with this package). Also you can Send us an email with admin access. We'll fix it for you.
Module Setup: Album Only (Joomla 2.5.x & Joomla 3.x)
  1. Go to Admin area -> Extensions -> Module Manager.
  2. Search/Filter for JUserTube to find the module or from 'Select Type' drop-down choose the type 'JUserTube' to list all the instance of JUserTube.
  3. OR click New and under 'Select a Module Type:' select JUserTube to add a new instance of the module.
  4. Set the Details and Menu Assignment like any other module.
  5. Set the parameters of the module. Most important parameter is YouTube channel or playlist ID. (click here to see how to get it)
Menu Item (Joomla 2.5.x & Joomla 3.x)
  1. Go to Admin area -> Menus -> Select the menu where you want to add the new menu item.
  2. Click 'New'.
  3. Click Select beside Menu Item Type.
  4. From The 'Select a Menu Item Type:' popup Locate and click 'JUserTube - Fullpage' or 'JUserTube - Vertical with Description'.
  5. Set the Details like any other menu.
  6. Set JUserTube related parameters from 'Advanced Options' tab. (Joomla 3.x)
  7. Most important parameter is YouTube channel or playlist ID. (click here to see how to get it)
Video Source Setup
  1. First you need to select 'Video Source' from the drop-down. For first 3 options you need to enter a channel/user id. For 4th option you need to enter a playlist id
  2. If the URL (link) of your channel is
    then your user/channel id is
  3. If the URL (link) for the playlist is
    then the playlist id is

Troubleshooting Related

Installation Failed

Make Sure the directory permissions are ok.

Setup Ok but Module/Menu is not showing anything or error message

Test your server's compatibility with server testing module. Also check if you've entered proper channel id or playlist id and selection for playlist/channel match with your id.

Playlist is not sorting according to my selection

You need to wait for the next re-sync or do a manual re-sync.

Lightbox and/or Slider is not working

Most probably a JavaScript error occurred due to another extension or your template. Make sure your frontend is JavaScript error free. In a plug and play system it's important to check for JavaScript error after installation of each extension. You'll have to disable the conflicting extension if you're not able to resolve the conflict.