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JUserTube - A Youtube Video Presentation Extension for Joomla

Written by Afzal Hossain.

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This joomla extension lists the thumbnails and titles (optional) of latest youtube videos and shows the videos on a lightbox/video player. Supported Video Sources are:

  1. Youtube Channel/User's Uploads
  2. Youtube Channel/User's Favorites
  3. Youtube Channel/User's Subscribed Videos
  4. Youtube Playlist

It comes as both component and module. So you can display it on a module position or assign it to a menu item as a full page component. You don't have to put in all the youtube links to get the list. Just give it the channel/playlist name and you're ready to go. Just browse through different Demo Pages to see it in action. If you have any question or comment regarding this joomla extension feel free to ask via email (refer to the contact page)

Click here to view the demo

Try the backend

Setup Instructions / Documentation


  1. Your php host must have cURL (or remote_url_fopen = on) and SimpleXML enabled (Install This Server Test Module to test the compatibility of your hosting server)
  2. This module only displays public videos from a youtube account (private videos are not supported). Check your youtube account/channel/Playlist on the trial site to be sure.
  3. Max 1000 videos per youtube channel/playlist (100 for User's Subscribed Videos)

Supported Joomla Versions (Single installer for all versions):

  1. Joomla 2.5
  2. Joomla 3.0


  • Fully Responsive (Works great on any device)
  • Youtube Source: Channels, Favorites, Playlists, Subscbied Videos
  • Ability to set Sync Time (Time Interval after which it should Sync with youtube).
  • Ability to Sync Immediately (Go to Joomla Admin->Component->Jusertube)
  • Set the number of videos to show and number of videos to sync
  • Show/Hide Overlay Video Play Icon (not possible with responsive slider layouts)
  • Stylish lightbox to show the video.
  • Ablity to show Description (on 'thumb with description' layout). Description can be truncated as well.
  • 4 layouts for Module and 2 layouts for Component view. Check the demo page to view each layout
  • Single Installer for all supported versions. It will detect the joomla version and install necessary Plugin+Module+Component with just one click.